Offline Application

  1. Complete the Application Form for the type of securities offered.
  2. Provide a copy (PDF or Word) of the applicable prospectus or other offering document.
  3. Email Form and Documents to
  4. Arrange for Wire transfer payment.


  • MS Word PDF - ISIN Identifier Checklist Funds
  • MS Word PDF - ISIN Identifier Checklist Shares
  • MS Word PDF - ISIN Identifier Checklist Classes and Series
  • MS Word PDF - ISIN Identifier Checklist Warrants

CSX staff will email the requested CUSIP/ISIN identifier(s) on the same day, provided all required documentation and payment confirmation have been filed.


US$200.00 per CINS/ISIN identifier

Payment Instructions

  1. When CSX staff received the application, they will email the requestor an invoice for payment of the relevant fees.
  2. The fee payment can be made in USD by wire transfer or in KYD via Bank of Butterfield online payment.
    Wire Transfer Instructions or Bank of Butterfield Online
  3. A copy of the transfer or the Bank of Butterfield online payment confirmation must be emailed to the CSX for same day issuance of the requestor's identifier.